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iJangle: a collection of quality guitar tools in one suite

Guitar Chords Book:- Featuring 180 interactive chords,

each note is animated; single notes as well as chords can be read and played. All chords are 'real world playable' and have been selected for varied musicality.

Easily play back and forth through the scale of any key using its main chords and discover cool progressions. Move to 7ths or 9ths or relative chords. Chord-scales included for all the major and minor keys, naturals and sevenths ....a great compositional tool for the pocket !

Circle of Chords:- Features a set of Interactive chord circles, based on the Circle of 5ths. The 'Circle of Chords' can be set to play natural chords, 7ths or 9ths. Each screen has two circles, a major outer circle and a minor inner circle... play and explore chord progressions moving around the circles in 4ths or 5ths, or tap out chords at random.


C diminished chord

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Fsharp major chord



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