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* Award Winning Application *

Learn on your mobile phone. Over 400 interactive screens of easily used and playable chords & scales (blues, pentatonics & some modes), pitch reference tunings for 6 string with open tunings.

Encouraging improvisation: learning the chords found within each key by using the chord-scale section helps the student to improvise chord progressions on their instrument whilst remaining in key, making it easier to create and improvise new compositions..

Play back and forth through the scale of any key using its main chords. Move to 7ths or 9ths and relative chords. Chord-scales are included for all the major and minor music keys....

The included selection of pitch references for popular guitar tunings are intended to encourage the user to improve their musical ear by learning to tune up to pitch... learning to tune in this way is highly desirable and essential for developing music skills.

(Tunings included:- Standard tuning, Open D - Dylan, Open G - Stones, Open C - Celtic, and D#/Eb - as used by Hendrix and Zepp, plus tunings for Bass and 12 string guitar)

iJangle does NOT offer an electronic guitar tuner...the aim is for you to learn to do it yourself... and with practice you will !..

iJangle is a popular iphone & ipad guitar app .

The interactive fretboard is scrollable and covers 22 frets with sound for all the notes.

An interactive "chord circles" section based on the circle of 5ths is included which helps the user to discover and hear additional musical chord progressions, it can set to use natural, 7th or 9th chords. (try using it anti clockwise i.e 4ths - some particularly nice chord changes can be found that way.) The circle of 5ths was known to the Beatles & Charles Mingus amongst other popular music composers who learned its secrets..).

12 string tuner blues scale

Scale patterns are included for Penatonics & Blues (in 5 different positions), Major, minor and some easy single position mode patterns.. i.e ionian (aka major), dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, aeolian (aka minor) and locrian....covering a wide range of emotional qualities and Spanish guitar (Phyrgian,Aeolian).. (mode patterns are all in parallel - i.e from the root note) . All the scale patterns are movable up and down the fretboard and can be played in the various keys/pitches.

Tips on which scales to use with which chords can be obtained by touching the 0 key (or by using the tips screen in the help section on Blackberries.


* Interactive chords as they fit into each key plus popular chords book:

* Easily understandable and useful scale patterns :

(all chords and scales have sound and can be played on device - notes revealed)

* Interactive fretboard:

* Chord-circles (based on circle of 5ths) :

* Selection of accurate pitch reference tunings:.

iJangle is a popular android guitar app for samsung galaxy devices.

(All the tools have audio and are multilingual: English, French, Spanish and German)

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